Angelika Roberts


A graduate of The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York, Angelika continued her education in Los Angeles with renowned teachers; Barry Papick (who coached Sean Connery, Jamie Foxx, Lindsey Lohan to name a few), Jeraldin Baron and Susan Peretz.

Angelika appeared in Swedish TV-series and feature films and she has starred in many short films, industrials and commercials. Past productions on stage include works of Shakespeare, Strindberg, Oscar Wilde and her own pieces. Angelika has starred or co-starred in numerous very popular open-air summer theater productions and children's theatre.

Languages: Swedish, English
Acting range: 30 - 45
Length: 165 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hair: blonde
Eyes: hazel

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Angelika Roberts
The Swedish actor Angelika Roberts
Angelika Roberts
Angelika Roberts

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  FILM (selection)
 EN SISTA GÅNG Suppotring Forever Entertainments/Alex Lönn
 EFTER SKOLAN Lead Flipp Film/Gisela Nadasy
 IN ALLER FREUNDSCHAFT Lead AR Production/Cecilia Bernstein
 LATTE MOMS Lead AR Productions/Elisabeth Rippe
 ETT AVSKED Lead Flipp Film/Gisela Nadasy
 MOMMY´S BOY Lead Cinemantrix/Hans Montelius
 DE SVENSKA KVÄLLARNA Lead Edinim/Jonatan Kruse
 LETARKÄRLEK.SE Supporting Purple Planet Productions/Madeleine Falk
 UNDER BAR HIMMEL Lead WALL scenproduktion/Stefan Wall
 MARDRÖMSLÅDAN Lead Medieinstitutet/Tord Danielsson
 SINNESFRID Lead Berghs/Per Wallenberg
 SISTA DYGNET Lead Stockholms Filmskola/Max Lauritzon
 EN SVAL MADRASS Lead KYTV/Sebastian Nyman Agdur
 DEN UTVALDE, Supporting Desperado Film/Eric Donell & Martin Söder
 ACE Lead Searching Pictures/Jonny Borg
 NOLL TOLERANS Supporting Sonet Film/Anders Nilsson

 VÄLKOMMEN ÅTER Guest Star TV4 Jarowskij/Staffan Lindberg,
 FRIENDS (The last one) Guest NBC/Warner Bros./Kevin S. Bright
 BLÅSNINGEN Lead TV3 MTV/Ulf Larsson
 BROTTSVÅG Guest Star TV5 Jarowskij/Erik Lejonborg
 NYA TIDER Guest Star TV4 Jarowskij
 EN FYRA FÖR TRE Guest Star TV4 MTV/Sven Strömersten-Holm (Three’s company)

  THEATER (selection)
 FRI ATT FLYG Lead Teater Tribunalen/Elisabeth Rippe
 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST Lady Bracknell Amandas Teater/Erik Otterberg
 CATCHING THE BIG FISH Lead Tour Sweden/Rune Jakobsson
 FYRA BRÖLLOP & ETT BAD Supporting Fjäderholmsteatern/Hans Berntson
 RONJA ROBBER´S DAUGHTER Lovis Kastellet Vaxholm/Stefan Wall
 THE PEOPLE OF HEMSÖ Ida Fjäderholmsteatern/Olle Ljungberg
 HERRGÅRDSMORD Lead Wall&Vivien/David Wall
 V FOR VENDETTA Vallery Page Stockholms blodbad/Erik Wernqvist
 BUSSNASSE Busnasse Tour/Elisabeth Seth Rippe
 SUNES TJEJTRASSEL Maria Perez Lisebergsteatern/Elisabeth Seth Rippe.
 MY CUP RANNETH OVER Lead Marilyn Monroe NYC/Hope Arthur
 ANTIGONE Antigone Marylin Monroe NYC/George Loros

TRAINING (selection)
The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute/ New York
Acting Coach Barry Papick, Jeraldin Baron and Susan Peretz/ Los Angeles
Clown & Buffon Phillippe Gaulier/ Paris
Method Acting Mentors Elisabeth Rippe, Rune Jakobsson and Cacki Westerlund/ Stockholm
Tjechov Ulf Pilov/ Stockholm
Improvisational Theatre Teateraparaten/ Stockholm

Worked at The Drew Carey Show Warner Bros. Los Angeles. Starred in many informercials and computer games. Works with Radio and Voice Overs. Speaks fluent Swedish, Am. English and German. Athletic. Traind Judo for six years and Karate for five years. Bikram heat yoga, Skiing, Inlines skating, Sailing and blows fire. Educated Makeup Artist and AVID-editor. European Passport.