Mimmi Kandler


Mimmi Kandler is a swedish actress and voice talent with over 20 years of experience mainly for film and media, national and international.

Languages: Swedish, English

Acting Age; 33-45
Height: 166 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Official website: www.mimmikandler.com

CONTACT: info@mimmikandler.com

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Agent USA: www.williamkerwinagency.com

Mimmi Kandler
The Swedish actor Mimmi Kandler
Mimmi Kandler
Mimmi Kandler

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  FILM (selection)
 Sådan Far Lead Mikael Johansson/Moledro Productions; Sweden (In-Production)
 Pace Waltz Lead Matt Minott/Stillwest Studios; US (In- Production)
 Tennis Dad Lead David Bengtsson/Bengtsson Brothers Production; Sweden
 Temperatur Lead Ömer Dogan/Codemedia; Sweden
 4 korta Lead Noko Zaire/GFK; Sweden
 Suddenly Real Lead Allan Hall/Wild Wolf Pictures; US (In-Production)
 Under the Pyramid Supporting Axel Petersen/Idyll AB; Sweden
 The Confessions of Thomas Quick Supporting Brian Hill/Century Films; UK
 Pioneer Supporting Erik Sjoldbjaerg/Garage Film; Norway/US
 Call Girl Supporting Mikael Marciman/Garage Film; Sweden
 A Critique on the Capitalist System Lead Baker Karim/GFS; Sweden
 Minnen Lead Linda Ivarsson/GFK; Sweden
 If I Close my Eyes Lead Karl-Fredrik Hagman/GFK; Sweden
 The Product Supporting Ömer Dogan/Codemedia; Sweden
 Deception Lead Ömer Dogan/Codemedia; Sweden
 Troubled Lead Willy Lukwago/Lukwago Mediaworks; Sweden
 The Secret Lead Dennis Petersen/WOF; Sweden
 Öden Lead Mikael Kyrklund/Gröna Salongens Sällskap; Sweden
 Tystnad&Kärlek Lead Ali Naderi/Film i Väst; Sweden

  TELEVISION (selection)
 Vårdgården Guest Star Christopher Panov/Christina Eklöw/ Baluba, SVT; Sweden
 Advokaten Supporting Geir Henning Hopland/SF Studios; Sweden

 Iprensa Lead Buchanan; UK
 Nicorette Lead Buchanan; UK
 Nicotinell Lead B-Reel; Sweden, Norway, Denmark
 Mat.se Lead Nute Digital Center; Sweden
 Hedin Bil Lead Bobby Works; Sweden
 Aftamed Lead Bobby Works; Sweden
 Vägverket Lead Production Film&Video; Sweden
 Hemkola Lead Production Film&Video; Sweden

  Infomercials etc.
 Judith Weston Scene Study Masterclass, Wendy Phillips Acting Masterclass,
Stephanie Feury Acting MasterclassLindsay Crouse Acting Class, Reza Parsa Acting Workshop,
Jean-Claude Van Itallie Improvisation, Marc Aden Gray Camera Technique.
 Meetpoint Lead Funkis Multimedia; Sweden
 NKA/Röda Korset Lead Funkis Multimedia; Sweden
 Allkontor Lead Allkontor/VPitch; Sweden
 Resurs Bank Lead Intermezzon; Sweden
 Karnov Lead Appelberg; Sweden
 Ledarna Lead Intermezzon/Tussilago; Sweden
 Socialstyrelsen Lead NY.; Sweden
 VOLVO Lead Life in the City
 IHM Business School Lead Intermezzon/Tussilago; Sweden
 Konkurrensverket Lead Lin Education; Sweden
 Unga Politiker Lead Lin Education; Sweden
 Läkarutbildning Lead Complete Media; Sweden
 Ingenjörsförbundet Lead Bobby Works; Sweden
 Renova Lead Bobby Works; Sweden
 Apoteket Lead Production Film & Video; Sweden

 MÄSTERVERKET - Daniel Silva Storytel; Sweden
 GÖTHEBORG II - Dennis Jakobsson Gothicthrill; Sweden

TRAINING (selection)
Academy of Music and Drama Gothenburg University 1977-80

Swedish, English, Driving licence Tennis, Singing, Dancing, Skiing Various Radiotheatre, Dubbing, Audio Book reader

Voice-Overs & Singing
List available upon request!

Print model
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Music Videos and Trailers
List available upon request!

Dramacenter; Sweden
Chubbuck Acting Technique; Elisabet Sevholt; Sweden
Workshop; Thomas Lukasiac; Sweden


SHOWREEL (Only dialogues)